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2018 Election Results

Thanks to all the candidates who participated in the 2018 DCPC Elections. We are excited to see some new faces join our group and also happy to see many return. If you did not get elected and are still interested please follow us on our website as we regularly post in our meeting notes mid term vacancies.

If you are interested in more details about the elections results please email us at


Rand Barbano – Columbia District: Resident Owner –  (1 Year Term)

Steve Kohn – Columbia District: Resident

James Lawson – Core District: Business

Dan Wery – Cortez Hill District: Resident Owner

Nancy Wilson-Ramon – Cortez Hill District: Resident

Kay di Francesca – Cortez Hill District: Business

Jon Baker – Downtown Community Wide: At Large

Monica Ball – Downtown Community Wide: Community Organization

Ned Lachman – East Village North District: Resident Owner

Alexandru Georgescu – East Village North District: Business –  (1 Year Term)

Conor Brown – East Village South District: Resident

Stacy Dion – Little Italy District: Resident

Joey Limandri – Little Italy District: Business –  (1 Year Term)

Diana Clark – Marina District: Resident Owner

Donna Egan – Marina District: Resident

Michael S. Rosenbaum – Gaslamp/Horton District: Business