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Most committees form subcommittees to share specific tasks within the jurisdiction of the full committee. Subcommittees are responsible to, and work within the guidelines established by, their parent committees.

No subcommittee may have more than 13 members per DCPC bylaws and the Elections Subcommittee will have no more than 5 members.


Pre-Design is responsible for reviewing development & design proposals and providing input at an early stage. This forum assists developers and their design teams to hear community concerns during the design phases.

Chair: TBD

Members: Hasan Ahmed, Emmett Cahill, Nancy Wilson-Ramon, Kenneth Moore, Dan Wery

Public Spaces

Public Spaces covers broad land use and public space implementation, refinement of parks, recreation and improvements in transportation infrastructure such as vehicular circulation, parking issues, pedestrian experience, bicycle routes and transit systems.

Chair: Hasan Ahmed

Members: Christopher Eddy

Social Issues

Social Issues addresses affordable housing, health, safety, human services and a broad range of homeless issues and programs as well as things affecting the character of our neighborhoods.

Chair: TBD

Members: Bob Link, Craig Russell

Bylaws and Elections

Bylaws and Elections committee is responsible for the annual elections and any potential updates to the bylaws or revisions to seat appointments by neighborhood / classification. It may also considers ways to make DCPC run more effectively.

Temporary Chair: Terry McCleary

Members: Terry McCleary


Communications increases the visibility and impact of DCPC by facilitating and improving communications with the community. This group is responsible updating the website, handling notices to the eblast list, and managing social media accounts.

Chair: Manny Rodriguez

Members: Manny Rodriguez

DCP Update

Downtown Community Plan Update reviews and updates the DCP and the Municipal Codes.

Chair: TBD

Members: Nancy Wilson-Ramon

Operations, Budget and Finance

Operations, Budget and Finance reviews and prioritizes various City funding streams (DIF, CIP, etc) by obtaining neighborhood priorities.

Chair: TBD

Members: Bob Link